Social media integration usually happens in stages and it often hinges on corporate culture. The idea of immersing a company into the social media world is intimidating. And of course you’re concerned about the time commitment and investment involved.

The good news is – most of these avenues of communication cost little or nothing. Yes, it will take time to find your rhythm in the social community. Don’t try to do everything, but do pick one outlet to use and utilize it well. When you’re comfortable, branch out a little further. Use the tips below to help you expand your social media presence. It is now easier than ever to communicate with your customers and fans.


A blog in itself is a useful tool. You may develop a loyal following and riveting conversations may appear regularly. With all the noise already out there, this will be a big challenge. However a blog is best used as a place to host content. This content can be stored and regurgitated by RSS feeds to your LinkedIn profile. Networked Blogs will automatically appear as posts on your Facebook page (personal profile or business page). Your blog should also link to your website and any social media presences. There should also be an easy way to sign up for your newsletter.



Email marketing has proven to yield a high ROI for years. Despite all the new ways to communicate, newsletters are still highly valued. Constant Contact has recently made it easier than ever for your newsletters to go social. With the click of a button Constant Contact adds a row of buttons to the top of each communication you send. Readers can easily share your newsletter via Facebook, Twitter, or their favorite network.

I’ve also promoted my newsletter on Facebook and my blog. A good way to get people to sign up for your newsletter is by using teaser copy. Whet the appetite of your social media followers by telling them about something great they’ll only find in your newsletter.


If you didn’t read my 2011 Internet Marketing Predictions and Tips you must not get the Fletcher Freelance newsletter. I’ll let you in on a secret… one of my biggest predictions for 2011 is an increase in the popularity of video marketing (and its success). You must educate customers and become known as a subject matter expert. Video is a great way to accomplish these objectives. Customize your own YouTube channel and have it auto feed to your Facebook page every time you upload a clip.

YouTube is a great (and free) place to host videos, even long ones. Host videos to add to your website, blog, or newsletter.


Twitter is not for the social media novice. The high speed makes it tough to join the flow of traffic. On the other hand Twitter feeds can show up anywhere, on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, blog, or wherever else you hang out online. The short posts and uber-informal nature make this a very fun network. But be warned, it’s not for the fainthearted.

This year make it your resolve to do more online marketing. Pick a new venue, schedule a little time each week (or each day) to get in on the conversation. And I’ll see you – online.

About the Author: Terra L. Fletcher, owner of Fletcher Freelance, is a business writer and marketing consultant. You will find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogger, and Constant Contact (sign up for the newsletter at


  1. I’m finding that linking Facebook with my websites to be particularly helpful, mainly because the social proof of having likes helps you make sales.

    Have not ventured down the YouTube route yet though.


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