About Social Implications

SocialImplications.com is a blog dedicated to all things social media. We go beyond the tools of the trade and discuss the potential impact of “doing” social media right (or wrong).

We share tips and tactics for more effective social media marketing. We talk about how you can get the most out of social media tools when using them in your own business. We discuss networking strategies on the social Web. Whatever your interests in social media are, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.

More importantly we blog about the implications of social media. For example:

  • How might your social media work affect your next job search?
  • Could it cost you your current job?
  • How is your business being reflected in the social media space?
  • Should you really interact with personal friends and colleagues in the same social networking environments?
  • Can a tweet or a blog post cause real problems for your company?
  • Can they help you address problems?

We’ll talk about all of that and more here at SocialImplications.com. Social media should be safe, fun, and effective. We strive to help you keep it that way.