Good search engine optimization (SEO) techniques vie for top rankings by using keywords to grab the attention of search engines like Google and Bing. Many website developers have wondered whether special education in media is good SEO or a no show. As it turns out, using special education keywords in you page’s copy and pay-per-click (PPC) ads could help you boost traffic to you website. That makes it good SEO.

SEO and PPC Results for Special Education

One of the reasons that “special education” provides good results is that there are very few websites taking advantage of these keywords. When using Google to search for “special education,” you will find that most of the highest ranked websites belong to Wikipedia and the government. You might also notice that there aren’t any PPC ads using that keyword phrase.

This means that the market is wide open for anyone willing to use a strong SEO or PPC campaign to achieve top rankings. Instead of fighting off hundreds of competitors, your site could reach first page Google results quickly.

The best thing about this opportunity is that it won’t be a large investment. Since Google doesn’t currently have any PPC ads focused on “special education,” you can use the keyword phrase for a low price. Without much competition, it is unlikely that a bidding war will result in higher out-of-pocket cost. That gives you the opportunity to dramatically improve your site’s performance without investing thousands of dollars.

Frequently Used Special Education Keywords

When choosing keywords for your special education site, consider options that target specific demographics. Currently “special education” is the most popular keyword for this topic. Using this keyword phrase will attract a lot of people to your site.

You will also want to target Internet users searching for less popular phrases. For instance, “special education schools” and “special education teacher” are the second and third most popular keyword phrases for this topic. By including these phrases in your campaign, you will grab the attention of parents looking for schools and teachers that can focus on the needs of their children.

Even relatively unpopular keyword phrases, such as “special education classroom,” can still attract a lot of attention. It’s not the most popular phrase, but it allows you to target people searching for specific information about special education. Missing out on this smaller demographic could have a negative impact on your overall campaign.

Staying Competitive

As your SEO and PPC campaigns attract more traffic, other websites will try to take a part of the action. Suddenly, you might find that you face some competition, but you already have the upper hand. Maintain that advantage by updating your content frequently and focusing on keywords that give you the best results. That way you can prevent other websites from climbing over your rank and stealing your traffic.

Special education in media represents a good SEO opportunity, but you have to approach the situation wisely. Most websites get the best results from SEO professionals, who have the experience you may lack in maximizing your marketing campaign.


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