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"This is a great idea and very good news! I just joined Social Implications. From my experience working with Gail I know what a unique and valuable resource this is. Gail's resourcefulness, extensive range of knowledge and expertise is extraordinary. I have posed a myriad of questions to Gail. She has consistantly addressed them all right on-target. Gail has the ability to see the details and the bigger picture of the situation that spawned a question in the first place. She prioritizes her response based on "first things first" and leaves you with resolve or a solution to take action on. Plus, Gail is an all around great person. Genuine and personable."

Scott Larsen - Principle Owner at Ad Premiums Unlimited, Inc.


"I can imagine a lot of small businesses wanting to jump on this. Great job Gail and good luck! I hope it's very successful!"

Brian Hughes - Founder, Internet Marketing Master, SEO Ninja

"I just asked Gail a YouTube settings question and got an answer right away! How wonderful is that? Spread the word: Gail is great!"

Bess McCarty - Coach for Millioniares & Network Marketers


"My first encounter with Gail was when I joined a Skype Mastermind group and right after signing up Gail called me for a chat. Now, this is a lady who has received countless awards for her online work, published a plethora of influential marketing posts, worked as an editor-in-Chief and PPC consultant, and started her own business…. and there she was spending over an hour of her time with a complete stranger and a rookie blogger trying to share as much of her knowledge as she could. That is definitely worth admiring and is something I will never forget. Whenever I have a question or need expert advice, I know I can just drop Gail a message and get my answer. Thank you Gail for that!"


"Over the years I have watched Gail pull together the most effective and most current Web promotion resources. Her consistency is uncanny."

"Gail Gardner has such a breadth of knowledge and experience that I read everything that comes into my inbox from her."

Who Would Benefit from Joining?

  • Small Business Consultants
  • Small Business Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Social Media Managers
  • Community Managers

Membership Benefits

  • One-on-one social media training
  • Get answers to all your questions
  • Develop custom brand strategy
  • Hire social media managers
  • Discover best practices
  • Find experts

Just knowing what to do isn't enough. You must actually get it done. That is why you should join us.
We provide the resources to make sure you can actually get what you need accomplished.



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