This major trend is something all social media users, bloggers and businesses need to pay attention to because it has already significantly changed how people are spending their time online.

According to research from Flurry Analytics, photo and app sharing have surpassed time spent on all other online activities including music and increased 89% between October 2011 amd March 2012 as shown in the graph below:

Photo and video sharing growth

Since Facebook bought Instagram, they have grown dramatically and have already topped 100 million users AND the growth of smartphones is projected to hit TWO BILLION by 2015.

Those facts taken together mean that anyone who wishes to stay in front of the online audience needs to take photo and video sharing seriously – starting with using Instagram. This short Future of Engagement video from Murray Newlands will get you started:


  • Upload photos related to your blog or business
  • Tag each photo with the keywords most important to you
  • Put locations in your tags

See more Instagram Stats and find out how to monitor what you do on Instagram in this Alerti blog post Why You Should Be Using and Monitoring Instagram.


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