When you are looking for the right property for sale in Dubai, you need to have a plan in place to get the right results and secure your dream home before the competition! There are lots of high quality accommodations in Dubai, particularly apartments and villas, and there is often a lot to choose from at key times of the year. 

But most potential buyers are also time-starved and have few hours in the day to devote to browsing adverts, calling estate agents and visiting properties. So how can you maximise the success of your search by using technology? This is where social media comes in, and it offers a range of helpful ways to help secure your next home – without unnecessary stress or wasted time.

For overseas buyers
Social media is a fantastic tool for overseas buyers. This applies to expats in particular who are preparing to make the move to Dubai and are beginning their property search back home. With some planning, it is perfectly possible to line up a series of viewings before arriving for an orientation week as part of your new contract period. If you can secure a property quickly – whether you are looking to buy or rent – you’ll maximise the disruption for yourself and your family.

1. Use Twitter
Get onto Twitter and seek out Dubai real estate agents. As you carry out local real estate agent searches in the city you’ll find that the vast majority will include social media contact details in their website contact page. If not, get in touch and ask the question. Those real estate agents who are using digital media effectively will post daily updates on their latest instructions. You’ll find everything from smart apartments in downtown Dubai through to property for sale in Dubai marina – all as it goes live! This will ensure you are ahead of the curve!

2. Get onto Facebook
Share the word on Facebook that you are looking for a new home in Dubai and let your friends and family know a little about what you are after – dates, location, accommodation type etc (you can keep budget close to your chest). Lock down your privacy settings to a level that you feel comfortable with and then ask your trusted contacts for tips. You may find more than one useful lead to pursue, or recommendations to agents who other people have used and valued. Other ways to use Facebook are to like the pages of real estate agents and developers that you like. This will give you access to their posts, blogs, feeds and listing photos in your own feed. It will also flag up to Facebook that you are seeking a property in Dubai and you will start to see adverts that relate to your search. 

Facebook also offers valuable groups for Dubai expats and if you request to join those which interest you, you’ll gain a useful new community of contacts that you can ask for advice. Again, share some details of what you are looking for and make it clear that you are happy to pursue private sales and rentals if necessary, as well as through estate agents.

3. Instagram
Instagram is a great choice for learning more about Dubai destinations and areas that you might want to live in. Find accounts that share images of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Sports City, Emirates Hills and other top expat destinations. These image feeds will help you to get a sense of what life is like in each spot and what its attractions are.

4. LinkedIn
Use LinkedIn groups based in Dubai to find quality real estate agents and to begin to engage with those of interest. You can also talk about your property search in Dubai groups, especially if you are looking for advice from fellow expats within your field. You may find access to private listings through this route too, and certainly insider tips from those in the know!

5. Pinterest
Get on to Pinterest to see lifestyle blogs and property development boards which pin useful content relating to your search. Again, this is valuable for getting a sense of the areas you are interested in and the types of properties you may be able to buy. It will also give you a feel for the local amenities, things of note – and ideas for decorating your next purchase!

6. YouTube
YouTube is a great source of informational videos and tours of developments and locations, such as Dubai Marina. A number of real estate agents are using them to promote key apartments with video tours and you’ll also find developer tours for new builds and informational and guide videos that help to make your property search a success.

7. Using social media wisely
To get the most from your social media searches, check daily and save interesting links into your bookmarks or email them to yourself. You can also share pages of interest via messages or apps such as WhatsApp. Be mindful of sharing private data however – only ever share information that you are happy to have in the public domain and use social sites to begin conversations, to ‘pull’ data from published sources and to make introductions that you can then follow up via a more appropriate platform.

Because social media is so instant, you will need to be ‘on it’ and proactive about engaging with agents and owners via the phone or email afterwards – if not in person. Remember that there is likely to be plenty of competition for the best properties, so don’t rely on social media to do it all for you. Follow up and show that you are serious about buying, and you’ll be rewarded in your efforts.

So in conclusion, let social media help you in your search, informational gathering and property narrowing phase and use it to engage with estate agents and owners to share your needs, build relationships, ask questions and – crucially – get those viewings organised!


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