Don’t forget about the comments on social media! Comments can help boost your content and increase engagement so they can be just as important as a share or a like. Media monitoring can help you keep track of comments but also help you understand how to get more comments and build on this side of social engagement within your overall marketing strategy. Of course you want to focus on monitoring comments so that you know what your social audiences are saying across your different channels; but you also want to aggregate your comments data so that you can analyse it for the purpose of seeing which types of posts yield more positive comments and increased engagement.

Patterns in Comments

Can you recognise patterns in your comments section of your social media channels? Media monitoring can help you pinpoint patterns and better understand which types of posts garner more comments. Using this strategy can help you quickly boost your engagement just in time for the busy holiday season that is fast approaching. When you identify what attracts the most comments, you can add that type of post into your social media cascading plan so that it can appear across all of your social networks. What if certain posts do better on certain channels? Monitoring your social media can help you identify this so that you can know what types of posts to use on each network individually. As always, your marketing strategy should include testing to learn what works best for the unique blend of your brand and your followers.

The Tag a Friend Trend

One of the new and most popular trends in social media comments is that we see much more of friends tagging a friend in the comments to alert a friend about a post. This most often happens with memes, videos and images. This practice is most popular on Facebook and Instagram networks. Perhaps it is popular because users don’t have to share it on their page in order to show a particular friend the media. Another reason this is widely used is because users do not even have to learn how to share across different networks. No matter the actual reason, encouraging the tag a friend phenomenon on your social channels is a great way to incite followers to tag their friends and help increase comments as well as engagement. It also can be better than a share because it means the friends who are tagged will come to your post and get exposure to your page and can increase the chance they will like your page and further engage or comment on your other posts too. Examples of this would be posting a picture along with the text asking them to tag a friend, “Who do you know that does this? Tag your friend who would love this idea!”.

Summary and Takeaways for Your Business
You can increase your comments, engagement, and follows across your social networks when you monitor your social media platforms and react accordingly. Being on top of trends is one of the many benefits when you use social media monitoring tools, like those offered by Isentia,  and engage in media intelligence. These software options help you make more intelligent and informed decisions about your marketing strategy moving forward.

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