While long time users of StumbleUpon are just finally getting over their heartbreak over having so much they had stored there for years unceremoniously deleted, and StumbleUpon traffic dropped like a rock over last year’s redesigns, the primary reason for the changes is probably mobile devices.

StumbleUpon App for Iphones and iPads

The StumbleUpon blog announced a brand new app for iPhones and Ipads.

One of the key new features is StumbleUpon Lists. Read about those in the announcement above.

StumbleUpon App for Android

Earlier this month they made a similar announcement for Androids:

Shares had to be reformatted to fit better on smartphones and other mobile devices. This should increase traffic to and from StumbleUpon, so many social media people are now using it again.

Watch for additional posts here on using StumbleUpon effectively:

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