Cruel Tricks Social Networks Play

Most social networks bite the hands that feed them on a regular basis. For some reason, they do not appreciate the power users who share the most content, spread the word about them, and teach others how to use their platforms.

Instead, they treat influencers and power users badly. One of the worst things they do [...]

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StumbleUpon Apps for iPads, iPhones and Android

While long time users of StumbleUpon are just finally getting over their heartbreak over having so much they had stored there for years unceremoniously deleted, and StumbleUpon traffic dropped like a rock over last year's redesigns, the primary reason for the changes is probably mobile devices.
StumbleUpon App for Iphones and iPads
The StumbleUpon blog announced a [...]

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Top StumbleUpon Interests, Tags and Categories

In spite of all the changes at StumbleUpon, it continues to drive so much traffic that we would be foolish to ignore it completely - at least for sites whose primary interest is more visitors with less concern whether the traffic converts or not.

As part of research I'm doing to come up with best practices [...]

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The Social Media Lifecycle

I don't make it a big secret that I'm not a fan of Facebook. Yet I don't let the hype about the site get me down too much. That's because I know it won't be around forever -- at least not in its current dominant role. You know how they say we can learn a lot from history. Well, that goes beyond war and politics. We can learn a lot about social media from its (brief) history as well. And that history shows a common social media lifecycle -- one that I see Facebook already taking part in.

This isn't an anti-Facebook post though. They're just the largest current example of a social media site that seems to be going through this process. So let's talk about it, where Facebook seems to be, and where some other big social media players are right now.

The Social Media Lifecycle: What it Applies To


I think it's important to note that this social media lifecycle doesn't apply to all social media properties equally. Not only will there always be exceptions to the rule, but this is something I've mostly observed from social media sites that start out with a niche focus and move into more general appeal. Those that stick to being niche social networks might not all be immune, but they do seem to go through the process much more slowly if at all. So, for example, this observation of a possible social media lifecycle would apply to sites like Myspace, Facebook, and Digg. However, we'll mention a few that started out more generalized as well including Squidoo and StumbleUpon. [...]

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