Are you a fan of Al Green records? (If you didn’t get that reference, think “Scooby snacks,” “happy vegetables,” or “the devil’s lettuce.”) Did that cause an “aha” moment? Spoiler alert: I’m talking about marijuana.

People use other drugs and illegal substances, but that’s the most common one, so it seemed like an appropriate opener. No matter which drug you prefer, you need to remember those tend to be illegal. If you get busted with drugs or drug paraphernalia, it’ll go on your criminal record.

This could hurt your employment prospects and even your romantic life (some people are known to do a background check on a match before getting too “serious”). So trust me: it’s not worth the risk. And if you discuss your drug use on social media, your risk will be amplified.

I’m not trying to ruin your fun. If you want to make a sneaky reference to pot by using one of the terms in the first paragraph, knock yourself out. I doubt this would get you in trouble. That said, you probably shouldn’t post pictures or videos of yourself hitting a bong. If you ever find yourself in court for a drug-related crime, that won’t help your case.

In addition, world governments monitor all forms of electronic communication. George Orwell called it. Big Brother is here to stay. Every text, phone call, and Facebook message you send is one search away from a government spook’s eyes. Do you really want them to know you’re using illegal substances? Nope! Keep that information on the down low.

If you want to talk about your drug use with friends, save it for an in-person conversation. Or speak in code words. It will be more fun that way, anyhow. All of that said, no amount of caution is guaranteed to save you. The use of drugs often requires you to travel with them. Thus, a poorly timed speeding ticket could result in your arrest and conviction. Sound scary? It is.

At times like this, it helps to know a drug lawyer. The Law Offices of Jerod Gunsberg is a great option for people who need a drugs crime attorney in Los Angeles, CA. If you live elsewhere, do a Google search for “drugs crime attorney” and add your city and state. Read reviews and pick a drug lawyer based on who has the best reputation. In LA, Jerod Gunsberg is the clear winner.

If any of your stoner friends are idiots about social media (i.e. they have approximately zero boundaries), share this article on Facebook and Twitter. They’ll appreciate the reality check.


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