Social media marketing is an easy way of digital marketing as it can ensure targeted approach which is not easily possible in other forms of campaigns. Taking into account of various social media platforms, Twitter is considered as the best choice in maintaining frequent and live interactions with customers, reaching to new customers, introducing new products and services, etc. However, not everyone is making an impact with the Twitter accounts effectively. It is great to look at some blunders which brands make in the platform that make them less effective on Twitter.


1. Overselling the Brand

It is suicidal putting too much campaign about the brand or filling the account completely promoting the brand. It should be noted that people use social media platforms to connect with others, and it is all about community. Brands should respect that intent and share informative and engaging articles from third-party accounts to make it as a live platform for information and discussion. It is safe to have 80 percent third-party engaging contents while 20 percent is brand-related posts.


2. Buying Followers

People believe that numbers matter and try to add as many followers as possible using various channels apart from natural followers. It is not worthy and doesn’t translate anything for the brand, and those “added” followers won’t engage the platform well. Always try to add natural followers, who are interested in the particular brands and its products as they can really contribute to the Twitter account rather than blind followers.


3. Snubbing Feedback

Many brands started using the Twitter environment as a platform for communicating the feedback. Some are not ready to understand the importance of it and ignore the feedbacks they get on the Twitter account. Since the social media platform is a public space, brands should be very careful that the feedbacks are not tarnishing the image of them. Even if it is a negative feedback, address it then and there. For example, Vodafone UK set up a separate Twitter account to handle the feedback from customers and to ensure on time assistance. It means that the brand has a positive approach towards feedback and that greatly benefits its reputation.


4. Ignoring Analytics Tools

Brands are less concerned about Twitter analytics tools to check the effectiveness and reach of their campaigns in the platforms. There are many analytics tools which people can depend on along with an official analytics tool from Twitter itself. It is helpful in analyzing one’s tweets and impact of various images, videos, and more. It is also useful in understanding the followers, their interests, demographics, and locations to create a better Twitter marketing strategy.


5. Automate Everything

Most marketers use scheduling tweets and automated direct messages to manage the social media platform efficiently. But for a longer run, it would create a void in the genuine interaction with the followers, and they would feel as if they interact with a corporate robot. Brands should try to make genuine interactions with the followers and should monitor the account frequently.


6. No Effective Use of Hashtags

It is found that small businesses are not taking hashtags seriously. But, it is necessary to add an optimized hashtag to the tweets to expand its reach. Also, adding too many hashtags on tweets are devastating and people would feel disturbed. It is good to use a maximum of two hashtags per tweet and beyond that is spoiling the intention of the post.


7. Inconsistent Brand Voice

Reputed brands follow consistent, professional voice to reflect their brand value and tone which are required to perceive them different. The brand value on Twitter in completely depending on the language used on tweets and the posts, therefore, consistency in the brand voice is important in building the reputation. For instance, brands like Anyoption make an active, consistent, and professional tone in its tweets and communications to reflect its brand value as the leader in binary trading.



With over 300 million users, Twitter is a convenient platform for brands to connect with people and market their products and services efficiently. Careful, consistent, and long-term strategies can pay the results if brands follow these simple rules.


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