Cruel Tricks Social Networks Play
Oh no! All that time wasted (man with head on desk with laptop over his head and hands on top)
How you feel when you realize you just wasted all your time for naught! Image Credit: ©Depositphotos/Xalanx

Most social networks bite the hands that feed them on a regular basis. For some reason, they do not appreciate the power users who share the most content, spread the word about them, and teach others how to use their platforms.

Instead, they treat influencers and power users badly. One of the worst things they do is allow you to waste your time doing something that isn’t actually working. Here are some examples:


If you follow too many people on StumbleUpon too quickly their system lets you believe you are following people – but does not actually follow them.

IMPORTANT: It appears that you can follow about 20 at
a time, so choose wisely and spread out your following.

We’ll be publishing more StumbleUpon tips soon. Here’s the most important one: the category you choose is critical so make sure it is the best one. Use our StumbleUpon Interests list to decide which one that applies has the largest audience.


Reddit is famous for ghost-banning members. You can share all you like – but you’re the only one who can see what you share. More details on that in Reddit Tips: How to Use Reddit.

If you’re going to be serious about social media,
be sure you understand how each platform works
BEFORE you jump in with both feet.

The best way to do that is to find a mentor. Many bloggers – including me – are happy to help you. Just ask questions in the comments or look at the contact tab on our primary blog for how to get in touch.



  1. Well I think that social sites have a big problem with spam. Especially the ranking or bookmarking sites. So I am sure they have certain measures in place to flag something odd. Yes it is too bad the spammers are ruining perfectly good sites out there.

    • While spammers are definitely a problem, treating your users this way ensures the smart ones leave and don’t come back. Not really a good trade-off if you care about the quality of the discussions on your site.


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