Social Media parallels life so it reflects the same human vices we exhibit in the physical:

Social MEdia

I love this cartoon because it shows the ME is every Social Network in one of those “one picture is worth a thousand words” images. On each social platform there is a clear ME proposition because that is the human condition: all about themselves.

Simply put, most people are somewhere on a spectrum of self-absorption. This is easier to see in others than ourselves. The more selfish a person is, the less likely they are to notice.

Social media holds up a mirror we can use to see more clearly
whether we care about others as much as we do ourselves.

We have all been conditioned by the media to be selfish and WANT – WANT – WANT because consumerism drives economies. Those who own the media also own the companies that want to sell us more “stuff” – “bling” we probably don’t even need!

It is up to each of us to decide whether to robotically move through life according to conditioning we did not even know existed – or to strive to be a better person:

More caring, with different priorities, and making decisions
that benefit everyone instead of only ourselves.

Are you part of the “ME” generation and proud of it ~ or are you part of the new movement towards using Social Media to raise awareness of important causes or promote what OTHERS need and not only your own desires?

Tell us what YOU think about the selfishness of society –
online AND off – in the comments.
Go ahead – we want to know!


  1. I disagree to some extent having known hundreds of social media users (bloggers, flickers etc.) who intentionally remain anonymous. I think social media is partly about the ‘me ego’ and partly about the genuine human urge to share whatever you have.


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