Twitter Profile Image Mistakes: Why You Need THESE Free Images
Examples of the free Twitter Profile header images
Click image to download these free Twitter Profile Header Images

Many are making a serious mistake in their Twitter accounts by adding profile images that make their bios and links nearly impossible to read. This will cost you new followers and reduce clicks on your links.

Text that is hard to read is ALWAYS a mistake!

One reason Twitter profiles are hard on the eyes is because Twitter is using white text on a dark background. White text, and particularly some fonts in white text, are among the hardest on the eyes.

With more and more of us being baby boomers who spend too many hours looking at computer monitors which are not great for our vision, those who design Web sites should consider using larger text and being more selective about font choice and color to make them easier to read.

Here is an example of a Twitter account chosen at random that has a header image that makes it hard for me to read the text:

Example of hard to read Twitter profile
This is really hard for me to read. What about you?

The way the text is shown over the alternating light and dark coloring means some people will spend less time trying to decipher what is written there to figure out whether they want to follow you, click your link, or become your customer.

Here is my Twitter profile with no header for comparison:

GrowMap Twitter profile shown with no header image
What my @GrowMap Twitter profile looks like with no header image. (Before)

While the text is still white on black, it is far easier to read. This is the default and what most people on Twitter use.

Those with graphics skills can customize theirs –
or if you are a business you may want to hire a graphic designer.
Everyone else can use these free Twitter header images.

Here is what my Twitter profile looks like with one of Eren McKay’s free header images:

New GrowMap Twitter Header Image
You can click the image to see it live on Twitter.

While the text is still white on black, it is just as readable – possibly even a hair easier to read – than the default image. And it just looks nicer. While I am not a graphic designer and care more about words that appearances, even I like an attractive look.

It is very easy to upload a new header image. If you have ever uploaded any image anywhere, you already have the skills. So just pop on over to Eren McKay’s blog and see which of her free Twitter header graphics looks best on your profile.


    • Thanks for commenting, Lisa Marie. I’m using one of Eren’s graphics on my own Twitter account. I really should add them to all the other Twitter accounts, too, because it made @GrowMap so much more readable and attractive.


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