For social media marketing agencies, VoIP business phone services offer an integral basis for multichannel communication – both within teams and with clients. 

Today’s business phone service providers no longer limit themselves to voice calls. And the days of cumbersome office PBX systems are long past. 

Instead, providers use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to route communication through the cloud. Most of them offer a comprehensive set of channels – from voice and video calling over conferencing to integrated messaging, email, and live chat. 

All these services are available on softphone apps for internet-enabled devices from smartphones to tablets – ideal for remote teams. Most providers also support regular office desk phones.  

In addition, these business phone services provide productivity features like advanced call routing, AI analytics, and integrations with other business apps. 

In 2020 and beyond, this can be a saving grace for social media marketing agencies. 

Between teams forced to work remotely during the pandemic, and clients demanding customer service via a multitude of channels, VoIP business phone services can help you centralize communication and increase efficiency. 

Here are the 5 best VoIP business phone services in 2021. 

1 – Nextiva 

First off, Nextiva provides an extensive set of features together with unrivaled customer service. It’s a great choice for both small and large teams looking to switch to cloud-based communications

An intuitive online admin platform makes Nextiva easy to set up, flexible, and scalable. Managers can easily create a framework for distributed workforces to streamline communications. 

Noteworthy features include Nextiva’s AI-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR), SIP trunking, advanced call management, sales pipeline management, workflow automation, user and team performance analytics, branding customization, and survey shortlinks. 

In addition, Nextiva offers an ecosystem of proprietary software that can cater to your analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) and team collaboration needs. 

Nextiva’s stellar customer service has won the company several awards. Thanks to its multiple data centers across North America, the provider can also boast an uptime of 99.999% (‘five nines’).

Plans start at $19.95 per user and month. 

2 – Dialpad 

Dialpad stands out through its laser-focus on integrations and innovation, especially in the realm of artificial intelligence

Apart from offering a massive range of VoIP features – from voicemail transcription to video conferencing – Dialpad provides IVR, advanced contact management, encryption, virtual sales assistants, and AI analytics. 

Plus, a multitude of native integrations allow the system to slot smoothly into your existing network of business apps, from Slack to Salesforce. 

Note that this provider focuses its offer on softphone apps, rather than desk phones. 

Plans start at $15 per user and month. 

3 – 8×8 

If your social media marketing agency operates internationally, 8×8 is your global solution. This provider offers local numbers in over 80 countries, and toll-free ones in over 120. 

Besides standard HD VoIP audio and video channels, 8×8 also offers cross-platform team messaging, screen sharing, virtual fax, and high-level analytics. 

8×8 also boasts a wide range of native integrations. Users can schedule meetings and calls through Office 365 and Google Calendar, directly pull data from Salesforce, or connect to Microsoft Team’s collaboration environment.

While plans start at $12 per user and month, larger teams will want to opt either for the X2 ($25) or X4 ($45) tier. 

4 – Vonage 

Vonage is another household name in VoIP calling. It provides solid service, a comprehensive set of features, and advanced functionalities. Vonage’s Business Communications (VBC) serves the needs of remote teams well. 

VBC features unified voice and video calling and messaging. Besides integrations for numerous other business apps, it stands out with dedicated team collaboration functionalities. 

Vonage offers over 40 powerful VoIP productivity features, such as visual voicemail, multi-level auto-attendants, and call groups. 

Pricing starts at $19.99 per month and line for the Mobile plan. If you’re looking for integrations and advanced functionalities, though, you’ll want Vonage’s Premium ($29.99) or Advanced ($39.99) plan.  

5 – Ooma Office 

For agencies looking for basic, no-nonsense business phone services, Ooma Office is a prime choice. This provider caters to startups and small to mid-size businesses (SMBs). 

Its plans include advanced features like virtual receptionists, custom hold and transfer music, and toll-free numbers. 

Note, though, that Ooma doesn’t offer video conferencing or SMS messaging. 

Pricing starts at $19.95 per user and month. Ooma’s website features a convenient rate calculator tool to help you factor in your local taxes and fees. 


Modern VoIP business phone services can help you centralize and streamline multi-channel communications and step up your agency’s operating efficiency

The providers listed here all offer solid, reliable, and secure services. 

With a bit of research, you’ll be able to pinpoint the best option for your agency’s needs. And take your communications to the next level in 2021. 


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