The honor of your presence is requested at the latest social (media) event of the season: the premiere of the new Social Implications blog.

Who: The Social Implications staff

What: The launch of Social Implications

When: Right now


Why: Because for all of the how-tos and “Look at me! Look at me!” behavior in the social media world, there’s not nearly enough information about the real business and personal implications of doing social media “right” or “wrong” — will focus as much on what not to do as what you can do to use social media effectively.

RSVP — Okay. You’re actually too late to RSVP. But you managed to find your way here anyway, so kick back and enjoy.

By the way, this event is BYOB — bring your own brain. You won’t find the sheep mentality here at Social Implications, with every tool and tactic pushed on you just because “everyone else is doing it.” This party is for a slightly more refined crowd — those willing and able to think for themselves, using the social media information and discussions we offer to make their own decisions about what’s best for their business or their personal situation.

Does that sound like you? Then welcome. Not so much? That’s okay. The rave down the road might be more your scene.

Here are the types of topics you might find on moving forward:

  • Differentiating between popularity and influence, and why those differences matter
  • Image management (or “control” over your image) on the Web
  • What makes a so-called social media “guru,” and whether or not you should listen to them
  • How to decide if it’s the right time to thrust your business into the social media scape
  • Social media spam (and why you might be a social media spammer and not even realize it)
  • And more….

We’ll touch on the tools of the social media trade from social networks and microblogging to the older but still popular social media tools like blogging and forums. We’ll cover community management issues. We’ll talk about measuring social media metrics to find out what’s really working (and what’s not) for you. We’ll discuss social media marketing and relations. We’ll talk about broader social issues in the face of social media.

Most importantly, we’ll go beyond the here and now to cover the long-term effects and impact of social media on your life, your business, and the world around you. Are you ready to join us?


  1. I’m excited to see this blog get started. There are way too many fluffy, “me too” commentaries on social media and not enough articles that get down to the brass tacks of how to leverage social media properly to grow a business.

  2. Hi, Hasan!

    Great new blog! I really like the plans to get down to the marrow of social media, and it’s uses and foibles. I’ll be very interested to see your material in the upcoming days. With social media and all it’s trappings becoming somewhat “it’s been done”, it is very hard to distinguish between the experts and the prattlers. I look forward to thought-provoking, insightful writing I’ve come to expect from you. Very impressive. Kudos.

  3. Hi all! I’m the new Editor-in-Chief of, and I’ll be working with Hasan on the new site. There definitely won’t be any “me too commentaries” coming from me — that I can assure you. Frankly, those make me want to poke my eyes out with a spoon — far preferable to reading them, nonetheless jumping into the echochamber. You can get a taste of my style at my now-retired PR and SM blog — (although I promise to tone down the bite at least a wee bit) or on my new business writing blog.

    Just to give you a bit of my background, I’m currently a business writer. I handle PR writing, copywriting, business blogging, and related projects. Before that I ran a small PR firm specializing in online PR and social media issues, predominantly for small business owners and creative / independent professionals (I began social media consulting back in 2004 when I focused on a music industry client base — waaaay back when Myspace was still top dog). 🙂

    Glad to meet you!

  4. Welcome to Social Implications everyone.

    Eric – Hopefully we can help fill that void.

    Ann – It’s great to see your enthusiasm!

    Terra – Agreed completely. Social media marketing isn’t going anywhere. Hopefully we’ll be able to steer some people in a better direction in implementing social media strategies and using social media tools.

    Zachary – Thanks! If you’re hoping to see the site develop in any particular direction, feel free to leave a comment to let us know. While we have some plans, we’re open to hearing what our readers want to know.

    Trina – Thank you for the kind words. Hopefully we won’t disappoint! Thought-provoking debates and discussions are a priority to be sure. Not everyone will be happy with everything posted here, but that’s a big part of getting readers to see things from different perspectives so they can think and decide on the issues for themselves.

  5. Best of luck on your new venture, Hasan! I particularly appreciate the “bring your own brain” suggestion. As you know, there are far too many social media circles that are more interested in patting one another on the back than actually having a constructive and fruitful exchange of ideas.

    And kudos to you, Jennifer. I’ve checked out previously and enjoyed your no holds barred style. Don’t file off too many of your rough edges here. That tone will be a welcome addition to Hasan’s Social Implications venture and I’m sure that’s a big reason he brought you on board. From one “no BS” broad to another, I extend you best wishes and good luck! 🙂

  6. Congrats Hasan and Jennifer on the new blog.

    Was just over on your old blog Jennifer having a delighted read … and I agree with Alysson … don’t file off too many sharp edges.

    I’ll be recommending this blog to the non profits I work with here in Ireland. Most of them are just starting with social media and I’m giving them just a few good blogs to read. Yours will be one of them… from about 3 or 4 max.

    I am really open to some good discussions about how social media can help and hinder the work of non profits … people with a passion and a mission … who often have very little time to learn all about social media ‘stuff’.

    I’m working probono with a national charity [Depaul Ireland] to build an online learning space that utilises a range of social media and web2 tools so workers can share best practice about working with homeless people.

    I’ve set up an internal team and I’ve been showing them all the different social media as well as social networking tools [and open learning stuff and Scriblio ] … they are both fascinated and a little afraid … but we’re all working to see what might work. They are risk takers in working with homeless people … and they are prepared to take a risk with me in seeing how we can use all these web2 and sm tools to build the confidence and capacity of workers to deliver the best services to homeless people.

    So, I’ll be looking to your blog and a few others to help us as we experiment and fail and succeed and learn.



  7. Alysson and Liz — Thanks for the kind words. No worries. Despite any toning down, I’ll never be a pushover and I’m sure plenty of my thoughts on social media will still manage to rub some people the wrong way. As long as they also give others something to think about, it’s well worth it in my opinion. 🙂

    Liz – Before I went into business for myself, I actually worked in the nonprofit sector. When I’m bouncing more post ideas around (already have a few others scheduled to go up in the meantime though), I’ll try to keep a nonprofit angle in mind for at least one of them in the somewhat near future.

  8. Hi Hasan,

    Your new blog sounds great!

    Although social media became popular, it still remains an area where a lot of people are not comfortable giving it a try or are doing it wrong. I’m sure your blog will reinforce the value of social media and prove to be a great source of innovative ideas.

    Congratulations Jennifer! Having seen your writing, I’m sure you’ll do a great job.

    All the very best!



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