What’s Hot on Digg [Infographic]

In some niches (namely technology, news, and entertainment -- although there are others), Digg is still a top player in the social media world. Getting your story or blog post on Digg's front page can equal a boatload of traffic. And despite the fact that many have said they have a hard time converting this kind of Digg-rush into much else (ad revenue or regular readers for example), site owners still do everything they can to claw their way to that front page status.

If your site or company wants to get to the front page of Digg you know you have to create content that others want to share. But what kind of content should that be? We had the below infographic put together to help you out. We'll take a look at Digg trends from the last month (June 15, 2010 - July 15, 2010), showing you Digg's most popular topics, most-Dugg sites and what the power users are sharing. [...]

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101 Social Media Tools for Social Media Marketing and More

Credit: fredcavazza via Flickr

It doesn't make sense to jump in and use all new social media tools that come along just because everyone else is or because you think they're "cool." No one can really afford to be that unproductive with their time (or if they can, that alone speaks volumes). At Social Implications, we're big advocates of cutting through the noise by narrowing down the social media tools you use to the ones best suited for your target market or audience.

That said, you can't choose the best social media tools for your business (or even personal networking) unless you know what's out there. With that in mind we've put together a list of 101 social media tools you should know about. We've broken them down for you by category below. Note though that we're not including some of the biggest staples in social media -- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Rather we'll focus on tools to help you get more out of the sites you're already using or social media tools that you might not have heard of yet. Links in each section are in no particular order. Enjoy! [...]

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The Future of Niche Social Networking

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For years I've been singing the praises of niche outreach and waiting to see niche social networking overtake general social networks (like Facebook) with the public. I'm sad to say it hasn't happened as quickly as I would have liked. Too many people are still wasting too much time trying to be everything to everyone.

That said, niche social networking is here, and it's been around much longer than some of you probably realize. Let's explore niche social networking, what might be holding it back, and where things are going well for niche social networks.
Bigger Isn't Always Better: The Benefit of Niche Targeting

The niche is where it's at. That's where you'll find the people who care about the same things you care about, who share your hobbies or interests or industries, and who are looking for exactly what you're offering. Are you reaching your niche? Or are you so preoccupied with numbers that you sometimes forget about relevancy? [...]

Why Spamming Social Media Won’t Get You Very Far

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Spam. Eww. Who wants it, right? Unfortunately spam isn't confined to email inboxes. It's rampant in the world of social media. These days spam comes in all shapes and sizes, from entire blogs that are spam to itty bitty tweet spam. If you're serious about using social media marketing to promote your business, you can't afford to be labeled a social media spammer.

That "spammer" label can be a hard thing to shake. The thing is, you might earn the title completely unintentionally. What you consider innocent might be viewed very differently by the people you're trying to reach through your social media marketing efforts. [...]

Shop on the Run

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Greenhouse Plants

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Morning News

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Travel the world

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