It’s hard to believe we’re already nearing the end of this year. But that also means we’re on the verge of starting a new year, with new hopes and new goals. Have you set your personal or business New Year’s resolutions yet? If you’re short on ideas, social media might be able to help.

Here are three ways you can use social media to come up with and set your New Year’s resolutions, and maybe even stick with them.

1. Look Back on Your Past Year

All of those updates you’ve posted to social media sites are now archived online. Why not put them to good use? Look over your social network profiles and think back on major life events that might inspire new goals for the coming year.

For example, if you just had a baby a few months ago you might set a resolution to lose some of that baby weight. If you look back on your child’s graduation or recent move out of the family home, maybe you’ll want to set a resolution to do something with their former space (like making room for a hobby you want to pursue). If you took a trip that you loved, you could make a resolution to go back before the end of next year.

Big or small, this year’s events can inspire next year’s goals. On Facebook? Their new Timeline feature could make this even easier.

2. Connect With Like-Minded Goal Setters

Social media lets you share ideas, goals, and successes. — Credit:

Social media sites can be great places to network within various niches. Consider joining a new niche network with people who share an interest. Or just get involved in discussions on more general social networking sites.

Pay attention to what other people are talking about. What kinds of resolutions are they setting for the New Year? Do they have any ideas you’d like to pursue as well? Set goals together and you can even hold each other accountable as you work towards them.

3. Announce Your Goals to Your Network

Don’t just use social media for inspiration. Use your favorite blog, social network, or other social media outlet to officially set your New Year’s resolutions. Announce them publicly to friends, family, or colleagues. You might not stick to every one of them, but knowing you’ve told the world your plans just might help to keep you on track. It’s easier to let yourself fail when no one knows your goals in the first place.

Have you used social media to help you set New Year’s resolutions for 2012? If you shared those goals publicly, let us know how. For business goals, I personally share them on one of my blogs. I set lofty goals knowing I won’t meet them all. But it helps to feel accountable to others. Do you find the same is true for you, or do you tend to keep your goals to yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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